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I have been pickin the strings for 22 years now and play alot of older stuff mostly grateful dead bob dylan arlo guthrie and so on. But to get straight to the point I was on chordies website today just snoopin around and thought I might look up a different way to play bob Dylans 4th time around so I found this version and started playing it and said to myself this is totally wrong.whoever posted those chords needs to take somemore lessons. I normally play it in standard tuning: F-Bb.  And Gm- Am. Whoever was playing it wrong. This is the right version to the way u were playin it:E-A then G#m-F#m. See how that works out for ya. Your welcome.

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You had posted this in an unrelated topic and in the wrong section so I have moved it here where it belongs.

You are new to Chordie and, I guess, do not realize that Chordie is a search engine. None of the song shown are hosted here they are found on other sites around the Internet but formatted and made easy to transpose by Chordie's software. You can locate the hosting site by reading the info with the selected song and write to the them explaining the errors. Alternatively you can move the song to your own Songbook here, make the corrections and then make it public for others to see the corrected version.

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Re: Dylan's Forth Time Around

Hey, thanks for sharing your insights! It's always interesting to explore different interpretations of songs. Everyone has their own take on chords and tunings. Keep strumming!