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I want to learn to play the guitar so bad but I can't
Afford lessons. Where do I start? I'm so lost, please help!

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Hi Lorena, welcome to Chordie.

I've never had a lesson I've learned everything from watching others and books! You can get a lot from the internet these days but things like how to play a chord or which chord to use where is all info you can get here simply by asking.

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Many of us here, if not most, learned to play BI (Before Internet). We ALL started at the same place you are right now; a desire. 

Me personally, I bought the "John Pierce Guitar Chord Encyclopedia". I then bought a songbook that had a lot of songs that I wanted to learn. At that point it's just a matter of practice. Learn to play the chords and play them cleanly. You want to hear them ring. If you have a dull, muted sound, something is wrong. All the books and instructional video's won't do any good until you're really committed to practicing.

It's a journey. You won't get there tomorrow or next week or next month. But if you stick to it, you WILL get there.

Happy playing and enjoy the journey. It will be very satisfying.

Here's a video with a couple very basic first steps. There are 15 more vids by the same person to help you move along.

If I did this right, here is a chord chart with all the basic chords you'll need to help you get started.

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I think that has a very good beginner lesson series available. It provides a series of Youtube lessons, and they are free of charge (though you are encouraged to donate at your own discretion). 

I have no affiliation with that site, I just think it's useful for raw beginners.  He's organized the skills you need well and the lessons are short enough to absorb after watching each a few times.

Good luck. Have fun. Stick with it.

Your fingers are going to hurt. Nothing you can do about that but work through it.  It takes a couple weeks for you to build up callouses.

Also, unless you have been the victim of some kind of accident or are far outside of human norms, your fingers are not too fat, long, short, thick, thin, or uncoordinated. You can do it. Stick with it. 15 minutes per day practice to get started. Bump that up to 30 once you have enough chords to start playing songs.

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Never had a lesson in my life. I learned mainly through books I scrounged from other people. This was back in early 70s. Now with YouTube and chordie life is so much easier. Stick with it and enjoy, and welcome to chordie.

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Welcome to Chordie Lorena. Your fingers will get sore but it will pass, keep at it. Practice, practice, practice. When you have questions just ask here, we all were where you are now, with a dream and a desire to play guitar and make music. Visit the forums and let us know how you are doing. May the great one bless you with sore fingers, a song and a smile.

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And another welcome to Chordie, Lorena!

I'll simply slide in another endorsement for Justin Sandercoe, at the link posted above by Zurf. Justin's a competent teacher, and has a relaxed yet methodical way of guiding his on-line lessons in a logical fashion. If you follow along, practice some every day, ask questions here as they arise, and have fun (most important!) you'll be enjoying your own progress before you know it.

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I started this "git thing" about 7 years ago at age 60 (retired).  There are a TON of sources out there on the internet.  I've used the JustinGuitar site a number of times to get started.  Now, I couldn't think of giving it up.  Good Luck and stick to it.  You won't regret it.  Forums like this are the best source I've ever found.  Musicians are always willing to help if you just ASK.  The best advice I ever got is KEEP IT FUN.

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all the above are great, and as always I throw in my votes also for  Mary Schwartz and Pappastach, both on YT,   also here are some more things I have on my FB  are yoU ON fb? IF SO LOOK ME UP sCOTT sAILER,  AND HERE IS A LINK TO MY FOLDER AFTER i ACCEPT A FRIEND REQ.  IF NOT, SEND ME YOUR A oops, send me your email and ill send all the pics in a that.

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