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Topic: Cordoba "Acero" Guitar Review

A fellow-Chordian emailed me about my Cordoba guitar, asking for some details.

In another thread, we were discussing ways to accommodate things like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, "sausage" fingers, large hands, etc., and I'd made a comment about how this guitar was bought (partially) to accommodate my large, arthritic hands. Here's a detailed online review, which doesn't mention one thing of interest ... which is the 1.8" wide nut. This width is quite close to most 12-string guitars, so is great for players needing a bit more string spacing:


The combo of the solid Engelmann Spruce top and solid Rosewood back and sides give it a lot of nice harmonious overtones, which you can hear in this review through decent speakers. The guy in the review is playing my exact same guitar. I added a "Guild-style" pickguard to protect the surface. I hope this answers some questions ... enjoy!