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Cooler is packed, canoes, kayak, paddling gear, fishing and camping equipment are all loaded.  Early tomorrow morning I'm off with two friends to spend a week floating and fishing streams in Arkansas.  We're starting off with a 3-day float on the Buffalo River before meeting up with nationally known wildlife artist Al Agnew and floating a few of his favorite small gems in our pursuit of smallmouth bass.

I've got a guitar packed in a dry bag and will be playing every evening along with my old paddling buddy John K Victor, recently retired and one of the finest harmonica players you've ever heard and well-known throughout southern Ohio as an artist and musician. My old work pal and fishing buddy Doug Davis will be along too.

Some sweet padding, great scenery and the chance to play music every evening around creek-side campfires with close friends.......... this retirement gig is a rough life !!

Don't know if I'll be able to get any sleep tonight - I feel like an 8-year old on Christmas eve.


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Apart from the fact you are going to be on very unstable craft on that unbreathable wet stuff smile it sounds like an absolute blast. I am sure you will have a great time.


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The crafts aren't nearly as unstable as Dirty Ed.

Have a great time, DE, and say "Howdy" do All for me.

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Sound like its going to be a great trip. Paddle safely and make some great music!

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I've paddled the White and Buffalo rivers a number of times.  Absolutely gorgeous, great fishing and better weather. Have a great time!

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Sounds like a blast - have a great trip!

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Sounds like a great trip planned, DE ...

After owning a 14' aluminum boat, a couple of different canoes over the years, and kayaks for over 15 years now, I can say without hesitation that a kayak is much more stable than either of the others are. If you're talking about a racing 'yak that's different. But the average recreational kayak is incredibly stable and way easier to manage in the wind ... this is coming from a very clumsy guy of 6'4" and 250 lbs. I no longer own the other two, and would never go back.

Generations of Inuit peoples hunted whales and seals from kayaks, in near freezing water. The materials they used could have built either a canoe or a kayak, but they used kayaks. They wouldn't have designed / built something treacherous.