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Hi there! We have recently purchased 32 channel digital snake for our band, so now we just run stereo in the ears!
However here is an issue. Probably our FOH  set all the bus sends up stereo supposedly, but I had problems.
When I panned instruments to one side, they wouldn't pan and the volume would stay the same. When I panned to the other side, it wouldn't pan, and the volume would be non existent event with the fader at a good audible level.
Does anyone know what is it? Seems like something wrong with in-ear monitors or something like that. I have no idea, any advice is appreciated!

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Re: Stereo In Ear Monitoring

Hi Alex!

I don't perform and don't understand 99% of what you're describing, but there are some fairly knowledgeable sound / electronics / tech people that frequent the Forum, so hopefully they'll see your post and reply.

Re: Stereo In Ear Monitoring

That sounds like someone ran a mono channel into your stereo kit.   When you are panned center, you hear it centered.  If you pan to the side that the signal is coming into, it doesn't change because it is coming into that side.  When you pan to the other side it goes away completely because you don't have any signal there, and you've panned off the side with the signal. 

Check and make sure you're using TRS cables.  They will carry a stereo signal.

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