Topic: noise gates and where to put them

Hello everyone

Does anyone have any experience with noise gates?

I recently bought one to deal with some noise issues I was having at high volumes and I've found that the best place for me was to put it in the loop straight after the preamp as this deals with all the noise before the modulation and delay.  Other forums I've read suggest putting it first in the chain before the amp to clean up the noise before its altered.

I know it's all personal preference in the end but I always value the advice from you all

Re: noise gates and where to put them

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Re: noise gates and where to put them

Depends on your guitar and amp set up; if you have an FX loop, then I'd put it behind the guitar before it goes the pre-amp (cleans up noise from guitar), if you're running your guitar straight into the pedals, then into the pre-amp, my experiments found the best place was (for different guitars) either directly before the overdrive, gain type pedals, or at the end of the chain before the amp input.

There is no "one size fits all" answer here, it's really a case of experimenting until it sounds right to you ...

Hope it helps ...

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