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Greetings from the soon to be great white north!

Its been a crazy summer - I guess with a foot of snow in the offing next week, it's time to move on to winter.
As I mentioned in one of TF's recent threads, there's been a little "horse trading" going on here.
My Hohner dobro and Martin DXP... fell to the kijiji axe under the guise of "thinning the herd."  But - nature abhors a vacuum and several replacements just happened to nudge their way into the picture. 

The herd as it sits today:

The recent acquisitions:
Beside the 12 string on the far wall is "the piano" - a very loud drednaught, hand-built by my jam partner back around 1980.  It ousted the Martin and dobro. 
On the wall to your right is the mando-banjo - I'm pretty sure it's a MANjo (1930's?) and a long dead stella mandolin from the 30's also
Between the Uke and the Solitaire (no front sound hole) is the Simon & Patrick parlour guitar.
Right of the Solitaire is the Epiphone ES-175 premium - sweet arch top
Hiding behind is the yard guitar - an Art & Luthier, of the Godin family (as is the S&P) and a couple random electrics.

Yikes!  Sounds like a lot when you list 'em like that.  I better shuffle them around the house again so they are harder to count ;)

Nothing else on the radar but you never know...

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that`s a nice collection of guitars.

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Wow what a collection!

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Interesting plenty to play with nice.

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jgreen wrote:

On the wall to your right is the mando-banjo - I'm pretty sure it's a MANjo (1930's?)

I did some "work" on a similar one of these, which was my then-girlfriend's mothers musical item - she called it a "banjo-lin" .... when we broke up, I had to give it back, totally disassembled, which I always felt bad about ...

jgreen wrote:

Yikes!  Sounds like a lot when you list 'em like that.  I better shuffle them around the house again so they are harder to count wink

Sounds like what I do .... smile

Really nice collection, I like the Solitaire ...

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That's a formidable arsenal, JGreen!

I especially like the ES-175 Premium. I looked for one of these a couple years ago, when Epi released it with the Classic '57 pickups. Couldn't find one anywhere, so settled with the import Gretsch. Do you have a nice warm tube amp to plug it into? (and you know I'm going to plug "Traynor" right?)

The whole Godin family of guitars makes some nice stuff, eh?

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Nice collection. How do you decide which one you want to play?

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Very nice.  I've been wanting to mess around with banjo-ized instruments. Either a six string banjo like Neil Young and Taylor Swift play (which may be their only similarity), or I've also seen a banjo uke. 

I'm very curious about the guitar without a front soundhole. Does it have one on the top or elsewhere?  Where does the projection come from?

I hope you have a good winter making noise with all those wonderful boxes with string.

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Very Nice Jim!

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Nice collection. Did you ever think of getting the Mandolin back in action ?

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Thanks for the comments everyone
It's a fun group of gear in that each one has a unique voice.

The Solitaire kind of jumps out at you, with no sound hole it's a "how does that work" kind of thing.  Made by Boulder Creek of California, the bracing system is interesting - allows the soundboard to resonate and project more than the traditional X-bracing.  Hard to describe a sound but to me it has a rich warm voice.  It does have a sound hole on the top which lets you hear more of what's going on - kind of like having a monitor. … ng-system/ if you are interested...
Sadly, the mandolin has way more issues than expected - way beyond my depth but I do plan to replace the nut and get some strings on it one day.  the action is so high it's just barely playable.  Online charity auction they said it was in good shape lol - Not a good buy.
I'm not much into amplification but I do have a Fender acoustic 30 that sounds pretty good with the 12-er, solitaire, and the epi when it''s big noise time.
What to play is a tough one. Lately the parlour is my main strum, it just fits everywhere better and still sounds great but they all call my name from time to time and the folks that come in to play our house concerts get a kick out of them too.
Make no mistake, my gear far exceeds my abilities, but I'm workin' on it!


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Nice collection. I see the Zenith Trans Oceanic there. I have one .

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Too cool, JJJ, it was my dad's "portable radio" back in the day
Just a place to put a capo, coffee and a couple picks these days.

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Very nice collection. I want a guit-Jo as no one can play the Banjo that hangs on our wall.  its more a decoration piece.

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