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Topic: Teeks

TEEKS (real name Te Karehana Gardiner-Toi) grew up surrounded by music and performance . Teeks has just released  his debut EP GRAPEFRUIT SKIES. Recorded both in New York and in New Zealand, the EP makes a powerful statement that boldly introduces a young artist, who is unequivocally in my opinion one of New Zealand's next great talents.
Steeped in old-school soul and yet glimmering and shimmering with golden moments that capture TEEKS’ strength of youth, the songs that make up GRAPEFRUIT SKIES - from its velvety smooth lead single ‘If Only’ to the simmering soulful ‘Wash Over Me’ - are no short of stunning.  The fact that 23-year-old  is completely unassuming about his talents only makes him more appealing as an artist. He’s a clever, kind, committed songwriter, and I am sure  he’s on the road to big things. I will attach three of his songs.

Wash Over Me

Never Be Apart
If Only

Re: Teeks

He's got a real 50's feel to his music, it was all pretty good!!


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Re: Teeks

Thank you for having a listen Neo. The appealing factor in Teeks music to me is it' feels like he is digging deep when he sings.
That  song of his , Wash Over Me is tinged with sadness and, while Teeks is not particularly religious,  the river water in that song to me comes through as a powerful cleanser and purifying substance.
"People can interpret that song the way they want," Teek says. "I wrote it after everything that happened last year. I just felt I needed to write something that would help me start anew. My grandfather passed away so it's a dedication to him as well. When he was sick my dad asked me to sing a gospel song for him. I didn't really have one so I thought I would write one for him."
                      Wash Over Me
I'm ready now would you please take me down to the river
To the river
Wash my body, cleanse my soul
Down in the river
In the river
Wash away my sins let them flow away
In the river
Till I'm purer then I was before I came
Smooth waters can you carry me to my redemption
My redemption
Deliver me from the dark
Pour my thoughts into here, let them soak in the river
In the river
Till their pure just like the waters on my skin
Pull me in, pull my down in down, pull me deep in your river
In the river
Fill my cup, fill my glass, fill my soul
In the river
Take me back, take me home to when I was a child
I was a child
Where my mother was the only world I knew