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My oldest grandson is a senior in high school and an aspiring actor.  He has had some nice parts in local productions in the Pensacola Florida area.  A couple months ago he was was contacted by Billy Dean in Nashville and asked if he was interested in being in a music video with Chloe Channell, a former finalist in the "America's got Talent" contest and an up-and-coming country artist....... A chance to get paid and hang out with a cute little singer-songwriter? HECK YES!!!!

I've been paying for his guitar lessons for the last couple years and he is beginning to be a pretty good picker himself.  He said he had a ball hanging out with Chloe although his girlfriend probably didn't like it much.........  Here's a link to the video.


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DE your grandson  made a hard job look easy. Great video.

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Wow!! my idea of Heaven, being paid to hang around with a beautiful girl who can sing. smile

Well done to your grandson, Ed.


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A very handsome lad and he filled the screen as well as the girl did. I'm sure he has a future on screen if that's what he wants? I'm proud to say he's the son of a Chordian so you must be totally made up.


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That is awesome !
Handsome dude - mammoth - but genuine smile.
How fortunate- hope it takes him to down the road of fulfilled dreams!


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VERY Cool DE! Good looking young lad, no surprise, he comes from good stock. You have every right to brag!

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That's really a big thing to be proud of DE ... you deserve to poke your chest out about something like this!

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Wonderful. Here's wishing for many more and ever larger roles for him.

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