Re: Things We Hate...Or at least Dislike VERY MUCH!!

Hey Southpaw I have some tomatoes rotting in the garden, mmm

lol.. Badeye cool

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Re: Things We Hate...Or at least Dislike VERY MUCH!!

O M G ...... Arkady said it !!
Wires and cords .........
Now I myself am far from perfect , as I'm sure you have all noticed , L O L ...
But I keep all my cords that we use for music in a gig case and each cord is wound up neatly and secured with a little velcro doodad ... Anything short of that drives me around the bend ...
My little bro. and my bro. in law show up to a jam session and open a bag and dump the contents on the floor and I swear to God it looks like a snake pit .. Then they will spend twenty minutes trying to untangle the mess of cords to find the one or two that they need .... Of course I wonder if they do it because they know that I can't handle it ... Sometimes I will just leave and go find something else to do while this is going on .....
They tell me that I have a cord fetish and I need therapy , L O L ........
Even my pretty little wife has learned not to agravate it ..
One time about ten years ago , she said she was going to vacuum out her car .. Now in my shop I probably have ten or twelve extension cards hanging , all neatly wound up .. Everything from fifteen ft. to a hundred ft. When I was leaving I told her to grab a cord , so she could do it outside , about eight ft. from an outlet ... When I got back there was a hundred ft. cord all wadded up hanging on the hook .. I did'nt say a word , I simply placed it in her car ... The next day it was hanging on it's hook all wound up neatly like all the rest .........
Other than the cord thing , I'm pretty easy going , L O L . Well , except maybe  for those people that think the whole neiborhood wants to listen to their tunes when they drive around ........

" Just reading the lyrics , it's hard to hear the song , but if the words tug at the's enough for now........... "

Re: Things We Hate...Or at least Dislike VERY MUCH!!

Another thing I hate:
When your listening to music and someone comes and turns it right down
Or at least just turns the bass right down (The bass is generally turned so high you can feel it)


All I know is I feel better when I sing.
Burdens are lifted from me.
That's my voice rising.