Topic: Does Anyone Remember The Genre "Jesus Rock"?

It was a time when major stars were recording songs about Him, and there were some very good tunes indeed. I'll list one of my favorites and maybe y'all can list some of yours? You might like to turn this one up a mite - Dondra and I did and  caused the neighbors to complain to the point of sending the coppers. smile

The Mighty Clouds Of Joy



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Re: Does Anyone Remember The Genre "Jesus Rock"?

Hi Bill ... I guess my earliest memory of this genre would be the music from "Jesus Christ Superstar". Since then, there have been The Doobie Brother's "Jesus is Just Alright",  "Put Your Hand in the Hand" (written Gene McLellan), and others. Today, we have groups like Ireland's Iona (Inside my Heart) and Australia's Unitopia (The Great Reward) writing music with a strong gospel influence. I guess it's always been there, but by not being aimed at the masses (no offense to Catholics smile) it will never be mainstream.

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Re: Does Anyone Remember The Genre "Jesus Rock"?

Hi Bill
I remember lots of good songs from the Jesus Rock era. Even Bob Dylan did a couple of christian albums. Billy Preston  and many others. . Edwin Hawkin singers has got a a thrashing on my turntable over the years. Thank you Bill it is a Genre I love given ,my faith.  Here is a favourite tune I like.
I will  also attach this link below of Barry Mcquire been interviewed with his guitar . He  got known as a Jesus type folk singer. He is highly entertaining and a man who thinks alot like  I do.  He is not what I would call a holy roller but still a man of faith and fun character.

Re: Does Anyone Remember The Genre "Jesus Rock"?

Nice Topic Bill

One of my favorites is    "Believe" by Brooks & Dunn
There are many....
The Band, “Christmas Must Be Tonight” (1977)
ZZ Top, “Jesus Just Left Chicago” (1973)
Norman Greenbaum, “Spirit In The Sky” (1969)
Violent Femmes, “Jesus Walking On The Water” (1984)
Kelley Stoltz, “If You Ever Thought Of Coming Back” (2006)
Tom Waits, “Jesus Gonna Be Here” (1992)
Bruce Springsteen, “Jesus Was An Only Son” (2005)
Jesus is a Soul Man,” Lawrence Reynolds (1969)
Are You Ready?” Pacific Gas and Electric (1970)
Put Your Hand in the Hand,” Ocean (1971)
Day by Day,” The Cast of Godspell (1972)
My Sweet Lord - George Harrison
Knockin' on Heavens Door - Dylan
Let It Be - Beatles ( McCartney)

and many more....

and I actually have a song that I started about a month ago - haven't put a lot of thought into it yet... but have most of the chorus done called Jesus Is My Hero
Maybe I will be inspired now to do something with it later today.

Thanks for getting the topic going BILL,  That's why I love to have you on here Man!!
Best wishes to you and Dondra in the New Year  that is now upon us.

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Re: Does Anyone Remember The Genre "Jesus Rock"?

Hi Bill
Here is a video  of Mavis Staples & Johnny Lang-"Gotta Serve Somebody" ..a great combination on stage.
Once again all the best for 2018.