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Sorry I've been MIA lately - still just trying to get better.

I'm gonna settle in to read and catch up and write a little more, just bear with me a bit longer.

I'm going to leave this for you all and especially my ukulele-playing friends till I can get back on a regular basis.

Love Y'all


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HI Bill!

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Thanks for checking in, Bill ... we all miss your insights, provocative ideas, and good-natured humor.

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Re: Hello Family

Bill I miss you and hope all is well. I enjoy your post  and the emails too. I am  in a studio recording  often a new CD of all original work. I will send some MP3 of them when we finish. Best regards to both of you.

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Re: Hello Family

Hello Bill great to see you back on here.

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Hi Bill, wishing you well, you do seem to have more than your fair share of hardships. Give Dondra a big hug from me.

In case you are interested I have recently posted a ukulele instrumental in the F.S.O.T.M. section.


Re: Hello Family

Hi Bill, so glad you're OK. As the old ad says..?let your fingers do the walking....and I'll add...more often! Your presence brightens the day, and knowing you'll give Dondra a big kiss and a hug from me....but don't tell her husband big_smile

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