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Topic: NGD Not really sure what it is ...

... but it sure is pretty (mostly)
I think its an Ibanez AS80 or copy thereof - circa early 90's???
Very nice condition apart from the mutilated headstock (*sigh* I think there is some restoration work in my immediate future) but she plays like a dream! and I love the fretboard inlays.

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Re: NGD Not really sure what it is ...

Purty guit Jim. Happy NGD!

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Re: NGD Not really sure what it is ...

That's a beautiful vintage guitar, Jim ... nice find. The inlay work on the fret board is amazing. It could well be an Ibanez as you say, but whatever it is, I hope you enjoy restoring and playing it.

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Re: NGD Not really sure what it is ...

happy NGD!! I have a similar Ibanez, but not with such nice inlays ... !!

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