Topic: I Messed Up, Y'all! :(

For the past several times I've logged in to post, I've noticed in BIG RED LETTERS that Chordie has been newly improved and a lot of great changes made.

I saw the note, but was in such a hurry to post something I never went back to it in order to leave my feedback, and that to me, is inexcusable. Especially since I consider all of you my family and you have been there SO many times when I needed a shoulder or a slap on the hiney to keep me going.

For whatever this is worth, I humbly apologize and ask your forgiveness.

I looked for it, but couldn't find it, so if it's still here would you please allow me to correct my mistake?

Your Friend


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Re: I Messed Up, Y'all! :(

Hi Bill,

No need to worry about this. There have been many changes but they are behind the scenes and Chordie should look, and behave, pretty much as she always does. The biggest thing that we Moderators have noticed is that there is far less spam getting through.

The main reason for announcing a major change is so that Per can get 'bug' reports then, if anything is not working as it should, he can set to putting it right.


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