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I'm doing it on a month to month basis to save against losing interest. Will let y'all know how it goes.

Meanwhile, I have Roger's chord chart printed out and the recommended Hal Leonard "Chord Wheel" TF told me about on order.

I am also in hopes that my diet while take some fat off these fingers so I can chord properly for a change.


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Re: Joined Chordify

Hi Bill ...

I don't know if a diet of "roots & bark" will slim fingers or not, but let me know if it works will you? I've been plagued with large hands and thick fingers since my late teens, and trying to find gloves, get a ring to fit, etc. is an ongoing and frustrating challenge. Same trouble with trying to find shoes (size 14 EEE).

If the high-fiber / low-flavor stuff doesn't work, let's go grab a couple of grilled T-bones together! big_smile

Re: Joined Chordify

Interested to see how it goes, I've always been curious about doing this to find the chords to some obscure Australian and West Australian bands ...



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