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Nothing more to be said!

Elvis Presley.

Why Blend in with the Crowd ? When you were made to stand out !

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Can you believe it 30 years.  were did it go?
Classic vid.


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love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool

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Good old Elvis!!!!!!

aka ......   Boxer Petal....<3

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Going to spend the day playing Elvis numbers !

"If You Always Do What You've Always Done - You'll Always Get What You've Always Got !"

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Elvis is PROOF that some people are worth more dead than alive.

Had he continued to live, unless he underwent some MAJOR changes,
he would have probably faded from the limelight. Can you imagine
him weighing more than he already did trying to do his "gyrations"
and old rock and roll?

His concerts, television appearances and anything else he did would
have had to have drastically changed.

It is SAD that he's gone but, I just can't imagine what would have
happened if he was still around.

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I know people who thinkhe's still alive... now don't get me wrong he had some good music but the man is dead. or at least if he wasn't dead then he'd be dead of old age by NOW lol.... all the same though he was a good musician who did a lot for people who followed after him.
Yall ever seen the movie BUBBA HOTEP? Elvis fans might be slightly offended at this ridiculously stupid and yet funny show about how elvis is secretly alive in a retirement home in Nacadoches Texas...

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