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I had a gig with the band I belong last night and, as we knew that there was going to be a songwriter in the audience, we decided to sing one of his 'number one' hit songs from 1967. He then came on stage with us, said a few words, and asked us to repeat it so he could sing it along with Julie our lead singer. The song was Puppet On A String and the writer is Bill Martin.

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WOW !!


He is an amazing musician - wrote so many hits all over the world.

As a soccer player and coach who played all through the 70's I remember his song BACK HOME for the English World Cup Team very well.

It must have been really cool to play and have him sing with you - absolutely amazing!!

Way to go Roger !!

Thanks for posting.


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Awesome experience, Roger ... good on ya for noticing Mr. Martin and honouring him accordingly. I presume that's you on the left? With the toe-a-tapping?

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Yup that is me toe tapping. The feet will not keep still when there is music playing. lol

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Wow! Color me IMPRESSED, my friend! You don't "talk" much about your gigs,  lessons, etc. (well, there was that one young lady from a few years back, is she still your student?), but that right there is totally outta sight (expression from the late 60's)!

You still walking "on air", Roger? I'll have to share this with your "lady-friend", when she comes in. smile

I just keep being amazed at the talent we have here! It's an honor just to be able to hang out here with y'all!

Grats, Roger


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That’s super cool!!!

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Any video footage Roger?

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Thanks guys.

Bill I am sure it is Raquel that you are talking about and unfortunately, as so often happens here, schooling has got in the way of her music. When kids want a good education here they have so much homework that it takes over everything. I did see her a couple of weeks ago working a summer job in a local supermarket whist awaiting to go to university.

Graham, I have found a clip on a friend's Facebook page but the audio is not very good: … 6301/?t=12


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Sounds like you had a good time,that singer is pretty good .

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Way to go Roger very nice photo and it must have been a thrill to meet him and have him perform on stage with you smile

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the sound was fine, i'm sort of glad it wasn't "puppet on a string" being a rock snob and all that, but i would have liked to have heard it with mr. Martin singing with you. the band sounds quite tight and professional. must come back to Portugal and see a full set one day.

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that must have been fantastic to meet & sing with a great hitmaker.

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Very cool.

I bet Roscoe played with him.  :-)

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