Topic: Quiz question on printout

I'm tight-fisted - can't abide waste. I hate websites which tell you you're getting a 2 page printout, then give you one page of useful stuff and another page with maybe just a header on it. I sometimes wonder if it's an American thing?  Geared up for printing on something other than A4 paper size?
Today I was printing out Matt Munroe's "Born Free."   There's not an awful lot in Born Free, so I was surprised to see my printer window tell me it was a 2 page print job. Out came the print. One page of chords and lyrics, and one page with a header on it and a quiz question asking me which drummer was kicked out of a band for stealing from them.
I couldn't care less who the thieving git was, I DON'T want to know, and I don't want my paper wasted printing out Buck Stupid questions. There was nothing there that necessitated using more than one page!
Rant over.
Thank you for reading.
Big Al. 

Re: Quiz question on printout

Are you printing from your web browser's print feature? Because that's going to grab everything on the page as you see it...headers, ads, footers, etc. Might be better off highlighting the text you want and using "print selection."

I normally copy and paste things into my content management software of choice (I use Evernote) and print from there.