Topic: Minutes

The minutes pass by,
The minutes that bleed
As I have cried.

Starting to realize its for ever more
Never will we be stronger than before.

Will I be happy at the end of the day?
Will this path support me along the way?

I scream to the god
to whom I never pray,
Turn this grey to sunshine,
let it stay. 

“Find your own sound.  Dont be a second rateYngwie Malmsteen be a first rate you”

– George Lynch 2013 (Dokken, Lynchmob, KXM, Tooth & Nail etc....)

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Re: Minutes

Beamer your words take me back to grey time I was in years ago screaming out for the grey to turn into  sunshine. I felt like I was in Hell but I knew a path had to apppear out of the pit I was in and the only way from the valley I was in was up. I climbed out of that darkness eventually a better and stronger person