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Is there an amplifier available that works great for both electric and accustic guitars? 

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There are lots of amps that will fill your needs,  do you want a home practice amp or will you be performing inside or outside, do you want one with built in effects, new or used? and the list of questions you need to ask yourself goes on and on.  I don't perform so all I use is a small amp ($80.00 new) and I plug in "stomp boxes" for my reverb/delay effect. My guitars are acoustic/electric using a sound hole pickup on my main player and a bridge pickup on the 12 string.  Prices will vary greatly and the choices are endless. I'm sure someone with more knowledge will be along to help you learn more about amps, good luck and let us know what you decide and let me say, "happy new amp day" in advance.     

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The basic difference is that an acoustic amp is built to eliminate (or at least reduce) feedback, so an acoustic amp will work fine with an electric guitar but and electric amp and acoustic guitar might have feedback issues.


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