Topic: Velvet Green

I look at your hand,
And it's not there.
I see your wrist,
Someone else is there.

I look at your hand,
And I wonder where.
So I look into a box,
It sits right there.

Made of diamond and gold,
Sitting in velvet green.
In the dark, to never again be seen.

A new life
You say you must have,
Without me in it,
Your Independence
you must have

So there our ring sits
of Dimond and gold,
in a box of velvet green
for on your finger
never again to be seen 

“Find your own sound.  Dont be a second rateYngwie Malmsteen be a first rate you”

– George Lynch 2013 (Dokken, Lynchmob, KXM, Tooth & Nail etc....)

Re: Velvet Green

Heart felt and well written, I can feel the sorrow and regret, the sadness and despair that break ups bring.     

Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.

Re: Velvet Green

beamer this poem will get to anyone who has had a breakup in their life. Great poem and I can feel the pain you must have. Thank you so much for sharing your poem.     

Music is what feelings sound like.
Music is life, that why our hearts have beats.

Re: Velvet Green

Ditto to what the others have said beamer, great writing, out of a place that isn't so pleasant at the moment for you.   Heart felt.     

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