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Our band had a gig last night to raise money for a local animal rescue centre. Many of the audience had dressed for the part, the show went down very well and we raised €2,400.00 for the animals in the shelter.

The band (in the foyer we decorated) before the show:

Dracula delivering his wife, Julia our lead singer, to the microphone:

Some of the audience in costume:

The couple that won the best dressed man and lady competition:


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Re: Halloween Gig

Nice work - the witches hats on the wine bottles are a particularly nice touch!!



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Re: Halloween Gig

That was a good sum of money you raised Roger. I don't know much about Halloween but it looks like fun.     

Re: Halloween Gig

That is Great Roger!
I wish that I could sing and play- I would love to do stuff like that.


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Re: Halloween Gig

That looks like such a great time had by all, Roger! And well done for raising a nice sum for animal shelter ... every person and every critter came out ahead with a real treat!     

Re: Halloween Gig

Fantastic Roger, looks like you all had fun and a wonderful gift to the animal shelter from your efforts smile     

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