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Topic: Carnal Congress

Young when we met,
We started gently, as new lovers do,
Building our trust
expanding our lust,

For all else that Was failed,
Maximum pleasure prevailed.
Im taking selfish pride,
Carnal Congress never died

While your love for me embed away
And no longer remains 
I send with you the pleasures wholeheartedly given,
Pleasures never before attained.

Young when we met,
Now older,
Expectations shattered
And and pretend none of it matters.

Music is a tribal experience, and it is about connection.  Figure out how to reach in and change their emotions. Learn how to put them in a mood. That’s what music is for.”-JH.
“..And remember, a song should contain only one story, or one message, told from a single point of view” - DG
Its the little mistakes that become great. and when it falls in place, the feeling is  indescribable.