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You asked about the look I gave,
Not believing what I say,
Told me I should not be mad,
Do you think I’m feeling glad?

I can’t control my feelings for you
Yes, we both felt taken for granted
Used and abused and slanted
Yet you did unlock what you now don’t want to have

We sit and fill out the papers that will lead to an end,
The death inside me, creeps to to the skin.
Caught in this cycle, yet holding back what I always want to say
Because it drives you further and further away.

Looking at you I feel the longing inside
And the more I try to show you,
The deeper you hide.
I don’t want to say good bye

This need to be on your own,
To have someone else
To forsake what we have grown
Yes, now we both will face the unknown.

As bad as I have ever shown,
I love you still
And I tell you now.
Knowing it does no good, its too late anyhow.

You won’t unlock your door or
Drop the walls,
or give us a one-time more.
All of this was in that look...
I really do not like the story in this book.

“Find your own sound.  Dont be a second rateYngwie Malmsteen be a first rate you”

– George Lynch 2013 (Dokken, Lynchmob, KXM, Tooth & Nail etc....)


Lot of emotion pouring in that one Beamer.

My heart aches for both of you - sure wish you  could work it out


Your vision is not limited by what your eye can see, but what your mind can imagine.
Make your life count, and the world will be a better place because you tried.

"Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except only the the best." - Henry Van Dyke


beamer I can feel your pain from reading all your poems. Thank you for sharing so very much with all of us. I wish it would work out for both of you .     

Music is what feelings sound like.
Music is life, that why our hearts have beats.