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I posted this on FB, but thought I'd share here as well. Angel From Montgomery is one of my favorite Prine tunes, covered by many. This is a recording from Carly Simon's apartment in 1970, before the song was ever released. She says Kristopherson, Dylan and Steve Goodman were also present. That's a kitchen full of talent! … mO2M15JWP8 

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Re: John Prine Rough Cut - Angel From Montgomery

Wow that is great.
I've said this before - I would love to be able to have  hung out just one night in a kitchen like that.
Or in Sue Brewers  boars nest

This is one of my fave videos along those lines
Thanks for Sharing----  got to see John Prine last year at Omegang festival in Cooperstown.     

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Re: John Prine Rough Cut - Angel From Montgomery

Really nice music, Oh, my girlfriend   really admires such kind of music