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Topic: LaBella 2001 Classical Guitar Strings

After re-tuning my D'Adarrio Pro Arte's for the umpteenth time yesterday, I went looking for somewhere to buy the Labella 2001's online in Canada. Our fellow-Chordian Classical Guitarrecommends them for their tuning stability, and I'm frustrated with everything else I've tried. Thankfully, I found a place and have ordered a couple of sets:

https://www.stringsandbeyond.com/la-bel … edium.html

Thank-you, CG, for your positive feedback about how well these work ... can't wait to try them!

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Re: LaBella 2001 Classical Guitar Strings

TF I hope you will like them as much as I do. Just to mention it tying strings the old fashion way dates back to when strings were different than what they are today. I use a method that is different and it eliminates so much extra time in changing strings. In short when installing treble strings you tie a knot toward the end of the string and still leave enough to hold it behind the bridge and once but up to pitch it stays behind the bridge.  Here is how it works :  https://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical … index.html     

Leave enough sting to hold it in place and then later you can cut it off. I also use two index cards behind the bridge so it will not scratch your guitar.

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Re: LaBella 2001 Classical Guitar Strings

Thanks, CG ... I like the idea of knotting the unwound strings first, to save the extra wraps needed by doing it the conventional way. It should also help to eliminate string slippage. I've had success with a fishing knot I use called a "Davy Knot". It's quick, simple, non bulky, and doesn't slip. I use it for tying on dry flies to my leader tip, so they don't have a bulky knot impairing the fly's ability to float properly. In the video, just imagine the holes in the bridge taking the place of the hook's eye on the fly:


Re: LaBella 2001 Classical Guitar Strings

The LaBella 2001's finally arrived, I installed them about 2 weeks ago, and they're everything you've said they are, CG. Thanks for the recommendation ... I wouldn't have known about them apart from your telling us about them.