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I gig regularly with a friend, we both use an original Bose PS1 L1. Two weeks ago for some reason we lost both systems at the same time. We both use a mixer and run from mixers to each others system to sync them together. The wired thing is we lost no other parts of our system not the mixer or pedals and no tripping the surge protectors.
We both called Bose and they had no real thoughts other power surge, and that The L1 model did not get the life span they expected.
Since the original L1 model cannot be serviced anymore they offered to replace it with the newest model at half price. With any additional pieces for the same deal at this time.
If you had the original PS1 model 1 and it won't power up call Bose service center and they can tell you if you qualify for this deal. My friend bought his unit used ,mine was bought new. This helped take some of the sting out of replacing a costly unit. 

Re: B PS1 L1

Depending on the age of the unit, I'd be looking at the PSU and visually testing any electrolyte capacitors for 'unusual' leakage or bulging - depending on your usage (locations, time intervals, etc) the caps can get hot and have a shorter life than expected. If you have a local electronics shop, I'd be asking them to have a look at it - if it costs $50 for a quote and it's only going to cost a hundred or two to fix, it may be a cheaper option than both of you buying a brand new system.

Good luck, which ever route you choose ... pop over to the chat corner and introduce yourself ...



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