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How come I cannot get the words to a song and have shut it down 15 times because there were ads that just kept popping up, this is sad, I will have to look for another way to find lyrics and chords and that is a shame as I have used Chordie for many years, sorry but I have to go 

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Whats sad is that you have been on chordie for many years and have only posted 3 times in the forum. - all the same message.

I don not have any of those ad problems.

When you figure it out, I would hope you would join us more often in a more pleasant comment.     

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Re: Too many ads

Ads haven't been a problem for me.     

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Clearing cookies regularly and installing an ad-blocker programme should do the trick.


P.S. I have removed the two other duplicate posts.

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no problem for me compared to other sites, a lot better