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I never watch this show it is called Married At First Sight where people get  married at first sight. They call them reality shows and the people on them  I gather are fame seekers. It does my head in  thinking why would you want to marry a stranger to get your moment of fame. This is  my poem sort of song lyric about that show. I tried to do it as a song but couldnt figure out how to make it work. When I talk about children I am really  talking about young adults  I just  like the way the word children made it have a better flow. If anyone wants to have a go at turning it into  a song feel free to do so.
                                                      What Show .
What show.
I said what show have the children got.
They turn on the TV.
Get exposed to unrealality.
The cheapening of family values.
What what show have the children got.
People just want to be famous.
Living in a superficial environment.
While the cameras roll.
Well did you ever think that it makes sense to marry somebody.
On meeting them at first sight.
A marriage made of fame.
So the public can share your pain.
All designed to make you famous.
It doesnt really make reality to me.
What choice what show.
What show have the children got.
What show what show have the children got.
Unreality TV into so called reality.
All centered around fame.
Enough to drive an old man like me insane.
What show have the children got.
What show have the children got.
What show have the children got.
Give them some real love and show the values of a long term family life.

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You know Peatle, you've got a point. I don't know if you get them in New Zealand or Oz but we have these creep shows here called; big brother, love island, only way is Essex and the list goes on. They call them "reality shows" but I've seen more reality on the X files. Then there's the idiot shows like Jeremy Kyle or judge rinder where people make complete fools of themselves by airing their dirty washing in public, obviously to make a few quid!
I can see you are as angry as I am with this garbage? Don't get me started with X factor or the voice
Well done for putting into words in your unique and observational narrative way what I expect most if not all of us are thinking?     

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Re: What Show

Bravo, Peatle ... Bravo !!!

That's the best commentary about this ongoing flurry of "reality shows" I could imagine. I guess a lot of people find staged drama entertaining, but like yourself, I don't.  I'm not criticizing anyone who does, but I truly and honestly don't get it.

It's also incomprehensible that people are more than ever screeching about their privacy rights, but will then in turn post their lives (real or imagined) online / TV for the rest of the world to see ... makes no sense.

Great poem, Peatle ... fantastic!

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Peatle Jville  This is absolutely a wonderful and inspired work. It is so true. Thank you for sharing it.     

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Re: What Show

"Reality Shows"???

What shows is a kind of "look at me" narcissism and your poem is spot on, Pete. Stephen King once wrote about a game show ("The Running Man", I think?) in which the ultimate goal is to kill the contestant. Okay, the reason for being on the show as a contestant was valid: Hunger and lack of money, but the concept is the same - how depraved are you willing to get?

These types of shows are nothing more than proof of writers running out of "ideas" for tv shows.

As far as "what have the children got"? - Well, they still have their Sesame Street and, in some places, reruns of "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" and up until the advent of "reality tv", they were just fine with those.

Great poem, my brotha!

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Re: What Show

Cheers Phill we get all the same garbage programmes that you do in the Uk.

TF  your right there is people pushing all these privacy laws and yet there is  a movement of attention seekers to  air everything private on TV in order to have their moment of fame.

CG thank you for having a read and your kind comments.

Bill my Brotha thank you for your spot on commments.  The kids still have some good stuff on tv. As a big kid myself I miss The Muppet Show when Jim Henson was alive. After he died it lost its way but then I  became a fan of Sponge Bob Sqaure Pants.

I remember  watching a film back in the late 90/s The Truman Show  thinking what crazy things will people do to make a tv programme. At  the time I never thought we would end up having all these  rubbish  reality shows around today. I couldn't imagine why  they would take of the way they have. The film I am talking about stars Jim Carry as Truman Burbank, adopted and raised by a corporation inside a simulated television show revolving around his life, until he discovers it and decides to escape. His life is been filmed the whole time and all the people in his life are actors.Though some elements of it seem imposible I am sure such a thing could happen in a North Korea type country. A trailer attached of the film.


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Re: What Show

Just in case anyone is interested here is me turning my rant poem lyric What Show into a song. Just recorded on my cellphone as usual with video done on cellphone and laptop.


Re: What Show

Comments left on your YT vid, Pete. I saw "The Truman Show", and considered it "avante garde" for its time, but that was because I wasn't appreciating what Jim Carrey was trying to show. I was too used to his comedies, I guess.

These are the "angry blues" I talk about sometimes and you express them well!



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Re: What Show

Bill  thank you for taking time to comment and check my video out.

Re: What Show

Peatle - That was way cool......message is spot on.  What program did you use to make the video with the graphics?
Thanks for sharing


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Re: What Show

Cheers Jim I am glad you enjoyed the video. The program came with the MP4 on my windows 10 on my hp laptop. Every now and then  it gets free updates of differant graphics and effects that I can add to the video. I think  all you need to do if you want to have that program is go to MP4 video editor and download the free one.