Topic: Setting Up The "Action"?

What would you expect to pay for this at a music store? (In USD)


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Re: Setting Up The "Action"?

The fellow I use charges $45.00 for a standard setup.     

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Re: Setting Up The "Action"?

Yeah around 40-50 unless the neck is super messed up.     

Re: Setting Up The "Action"?

If you're a handy DIY type of person, guitar setup (which impacts the action) isn't really a huge mystery. It's a finesse type of job, and having a few essential tools is also part of the job. Here's a terrific article from "Guitar Player" magazine about doing it yourself: … itar-setup

If you don't have the tools or the confidence to attempt it on your own, then the $40 - $50 for a music store pro to do it is probably money well spent.