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Topic: Is John Entwistle.........

..... turning over in his grave at this guy and his bass?


To someone like me, who is still learning to play bass, a video like this makes me wanna just throw up my hands and walk away. smile

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Re: Is John Entwistle.........

It is hard enough trying to play four strings .I wonder who made that instrument he sure can play it real good?

Re: Is John Entwistle.........

That's crazy!

The closest thing I can think of to compare with this is a Chapman Stick, which typically has 12 individual strings (not paired like this guy's bass). It's played differently however, i.e., primarily by tapping. Someone with long fingers and a strong grip (like the NBA's Kawhi Leonard) would find this thing easier to play. And ... it's an absolutely beautifully made instrument! Like Peatle said, I'll stick with a 4-string, and am forced to be content with that.

Chapman Stick (being played by Tony Levin)