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Thursday 9th May, was Ann and my 38th anniversary, so I wanted to celebrate that with a poem which would describe my continued feelings for the love of my life, Ann. It's not very strict as far as metre is concerned and doesn't rhyme very well (or at all) but I thought it worthy of a place on Chordie. Hope all that read it like it.

Love Goes On.          Phill Williams.

We've been together now for almost all of 40 years.
There is no doubt for all to see the love we share.
Soulmate is a word overused and falling short.
For others, not for us, it is plain how much we care.

You mean the world to me my love.
Without you I would be no more.
I'm amazed at how you've stood by me.
When most would simply go.

I know I've been a fool at times.
I know I've let you down.
But my heart is always in your hands.
So I'll always be around.

We argue and we disagree, not speaking for a day or two.
But always when the anger fades.
Hand in hand we walk the lanes.
Walk the lanes of summer love, whatever the season.
Small birds sing.
The breeze blows warm.
The sun shines bright.
And our love goes on. 

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Re: Love Goes On.

Phill your poem is brilliant and gorgeous. It mean so much I know to you  and your wife.  Congratulations.   It is so good I feel honored to have read it.     

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Music is life, that why our hearts have beats.

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Superb Phill

it resounds of my relationship of my wife of 33 years -  it is perfection as I see it.

Great writing my friend!!


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Re: Love Goes On.

great work,metre & rhyme are over rated.
I`ll take honesty from the heart every time     

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Re: Love Goes On.

Beautiful Poem Phill reminds me of my relationship  with my wife of 37 years.  Maree and I are prone to arguing with each other but always have a deep love for each other. My family call her jokingly my sparing partner. We love going for long walks together she is a classical girl I am a rocker jeans and Tshirt boy but somehow it works. In our early days and  I was at times not the best she was rock solid I was sometimes playing the fool. Over the years I have got better and she has always remained my foundation my rock.

Thank you your writing is bang on.


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Re: Love Goes On.

Congrats on your anniversary, Phill, to both you and you dear Ann. No better way to tell your missus how you feel than a poem of this high quality. My wife and I arrive at our 40th in August, and I've got one ready for the occasion. Best regards to you both!