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Is there a way to eliminate constant advertising on chordie app? 

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Hello, MMM ..

Welcome to Chordie, and I apologize that no one has answered your question yet. I personally don't have an answer, but hope one of the more technically gifted folk here will reply soon. One thing that may work (I haven't actually tried it) is that there's a small arrow in the upper RH corner of each ad. If you click that, you'll come to a screen where your ad choices and ad settings can be managed. That might be worth trying ... dunno for sure.

In order for Chordie to remain a FREE resource for the general public to use, the costs are covered by advertisers ... pretty typical of many discussion board types of sites. That said, I can certainly appreciate that having ads taking screen space on a smart phone screen would really limit what you could see for usable music space.

I hope some of this is helpful ..... TF