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I was not very particular about strings until Zurf introduced me to Earthwoods and John Pearse, which are in a class by themselves.

I was string shopping on Amazon this week and couldn't get the John Pearse in a timely fashion, so I checked out the Sonotone brand that came recommended to me by Amazon. The first thing that stuck out was their price. $18 a set. Not cheap.

But it's been a good year so I figure I will treat myself.

I set them up last night. WOW. Wonderful, bright (but not too bright), lush sound that really makes the Taylor pop. They stayed in tune after 2-3 stretches and sound amazing.

Definitely recommend. Now I have to find a place to buy them for less than $18 a set. if you want to read up.


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Thanks for this, BGD ... always enjoy hearing about new products.

I've never heard of Sono-Tones, and can't find anywhere online (in Canada) where they're sold. Since they're $18 / set in the US, they'll be about $25 here (before shipping) due to the currency exchange. I went through the same problem trying to find LaBella classical guitar strings in Canada.

I like what you said about how they sound on your Taylor, because I've also found that certain strings which sound good on one guitar, aren't so good on another. For example, a mahogany body guitar has a "boomier" low end, so a lighter / brighter 80/20 string seems to sound best. On a rosewood bodied guitar, a slightly heavier Phosphor Bronze string seems to work. And of course tone is as subjective as favorite ice cream flavors.     

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I love the John Pearse's on my J45, and the DR's on my CA, but with an endorsement like that by BGD (whose opinion on all things musical I totally respect), I went head and ordered 2 sets. I'm always open to try new things big_smile     

Rule No. 1 - If it sounds good - it is good!

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ok so I use the earthwoods on my takamini I keep at work and really like them hard to beat for the price . oddly enough ive never put them on my Taylor guitars. I switch between the elixir and D'addario strings , thinking the next set will be the sonotones just for picks and giggles.     

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