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We had a gig on Thursday 13th to help the local Salvation Army who do a lot of good for the poor and needy. We take nothing ourselves and we raised €1,900.00 on the night. The link is to an article in a local paper: … tion-army/


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That's a noble accomplishment, Roger, and full ,marks for the substantial amount raised. Well done, good sir! When Mr. and Mrs. Booth founded the S.A. over 100 years ago, I wonder if they had any idea at what it would become?     

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Re: Our band raising cash for charity

Well done Roger and what a fabulous amount you helped raise. I enjoy doing charities myself as the audience appreciate what you do more than your standard crowd! I never charge either except maybe petrol if I have to travel more than a few miles.
Any video or audio of the concert? Why did they tuck you way over in the corner? Next to the blond vocalist I notice......

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That is an incredibly beautiful gesture.  My upbringing was based the Salvation Army. Captain Chefstall was instrumental in helping my family out when times were tough. My brothers all played in the Salvation Army band.
I, like Phill, noticed how you have managed to surround yourself with beautiful women whilst doing what you love ( playing music) !  GENIUS !!!!

So as I was looking that photo- I decided to a little exploring as I generally do - so I went to the paper that published the article. I was immediately drawn ( I think bc I am a History teacher) to the article - " Twilight of the Pepper Empire"  by Peter Boooker.   It was a great article - and led me to read a couple of others related to the topic.

As I finished reading - I had this aha moment -      that title -  Twilight of the Pepper Empire  and the historical events ------   wow TF - I really think this could be the basis for a Progressive Rock song!!!   I don't know anything about how these kinds of songs are written, or how the composing would be arranged, - but it just struck me that it would be a really cool one if done correctly.

anyway - congrats to you (and your Harem smile ) on the $$$$$$ raised - I know that the families receiving it will cherish it dearly as mine did way back when.

Thanks for sharing


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Re: Our band raising cash for charity

What you did is so wonderful it is almost beyond words.  I have played free for SPCA in three locations and also for Boys and  Girls clubs. None of them were covered other than some thank you notes. Not once was it covered by the news paper so  well done and that much credit was due for what you did. Congratulation well done. You deserved the newspaper  coverage.     

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Re: Our band raising cash for charity

Well done Roger charities who aid the poor and needy are well worth supporting  The group we set up in Greece 10 yrs ago is still going strong (Bands against Poverty) and I still try to do my bit back in the UK so I applaud you and your band for the Stirling work you have done.     

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Good one Roger the Sally Army do a fantastic community service world wide. Even though we are not Salvation Army we have been  volunteers for the Sallys in some of their community programmes.  Maree and I have seen some of  the good things they do in the community. Wthout them the world would be a worse place.     

Re: Our band raising cash for charity

Good on you Roger,the sallys do great work.     

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