Topic: A peaceful separation?

A peaceful separation?
Scott Sailer

Peace + Separation = A peaceful separation?
Or so it’s said.
Truth be told,
The two are not an easy segregation.

No longer do we drink from the same fountain
Never did we reach the top of that mountain,
All the while we tried to kick the snow away,
As it stuck further and further up our legs.

The weight so heavy none wanted to bare
So now we meet,
Not wanting to care
Just get it done, even if it’s not fair. 

Music is a tribal experience, and it is about connection.  Figure out how to reach in and change their emotions. Learn how to put them in a mood. That’s what music is for.”-JH.
“..And remember, a song should contain only one story, or one message, told from a single point of view” - DG
Its the little mistakes that become great. and when it falls in place, the feeling is  indescribable.