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Hey Folks,

I play acoustic guitar (but through an amp) and sing at a local bar.  I am looking for some advice.  Sometimes i sing along to a karaoke track, no guitar.

I find the karaoke songs go down at least as well as the guitar accompanied bugs me a bit given the effort into learning to play a song but that is life.

What can I do to improve the whole guitar/singing sound or experience for the audience?  A chorus pedal?  Effects?  Backing tracks? (something I have never incorporated into my guitar songs).  Any recommendations to improve what I am doing?

Thanks for any help. 

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Do you have samples of the guitar/voice stuff?

Tell us more about your rig. Guitar direct to amp dry, no processing? Same for Vox?     

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Hey mate, I use a busker amp with three inputs, guitar straight in and voice the same.  It has echo for the voice,  The sound is very clean.  I see others using backing tracks and playing along (or sometimes going through the motions) and audiences don't seem to care whether it is being played or is a backing track.  I have never used one though.  I sing loads of songs from Beatles, Oasis, U2, Paule Weller, INXS, Bill Withers...anything I like really.  I would just like to neef it up a bit I suppose.     

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Have you looked into the Beat Buddy:



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I did my first solo gig the week Elvis died. I played workingmens clubs mainly and pubs occasionally. As I'd been playing in bands I had a H/H pa amp played through a Marshall 4X12 speaker for vocals and guitar. I later progressed to column speakers and a combo amp for guitar. I had music written out as we still had organ and drum accompanyment here in the UK, which soon died out for financial reasons. So I graduated to a drum machine to compete with some bloke plonking records on a turn table then onto backing tracks which I produced myself. I still throw in the occasional voice/guitar song and unlike the chap I saw yesterday in Hereford  I play rhythm and lead live even if I mess up which I do regularly.
To be honest, I use backing tracks for my own satisfaction and it's easier for people to dance to so I get more gigs!

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Thanks for the replies folks...much appreciated.     

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Well now, this, IMHO, is a rabbit hole waiting to go everywhere  and as deep as you want to go big_smile

Lets start with vocals. Me personally,. would have a couple voice enhancers. Auto tune is great, but maybe one  if the ones with harmony function.  all kinds of good ones out.  I have a TC Electronics Mic Mechanic 2. then there are the  harmony machines. It just depends on what you want to hear in the speakers. … ects+pedal

Acoustic effects: well there is a great multi unit for that. or maybe pick up at the minimum, compressor / sustainer, EQ (the Danelectro fish and chips is very good and affordable),  then the rest is up to you really.  However, if your amp has a EQ  then you can drop the pedal.  I have my boards set up for both guitars but this is what I run with acoustic.

Berhinger ADI 21 acoustic driver w/ DI >  Compressor/sustainer (old Yamaha stomp) > EQ > Delay (or 2 LOL) >   then add some color.  chorus is a must,  I like flange and phase.  then I run to a older digitech 350. this just gives you easy options for all kinds of stuf lol.  so its up to you.  if you want to go lite, then its top 3 or 4. ( omit  if amp had good eq) EQ , compressor / sustaintainer, chorus and delay.  Or you can do the ADI to chorus and delay.

hope this helps.

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Thanks for the advice.