Topic: When Bettie (Page) meets Harley (Quin )

Bettie = my champagne pink Strat.  and my guitar pick is a DC comics pick of Harley Quinn
recorded on I phone 6S.  Bugera V5 to Bugera 2X12 Danno EQ and tube screamer to RP 350 on the Hendrix patch. 

“It’s like a Jab, you got the squeeze and you got the attack, you got the guitar and the emotion behind the song. 
You can plug into a Marshall, but if you are not attacking it,  it's just going to sound so-so.  If the song doesn't grove, you are just bashing through chords” .
-- Mike Ness,  Social Distortion

Re: When Bettie (Page) meets Harley (Quin )

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