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The first lines were in my head as I woke this morning and I've added to it as new bits came to me. I'm sorry if it's a bit morose but I've been to a funeral this last week and I'm expecting at least another one soon.

Age Concern?   by Phill Williams

I was in that twilight zone.
Between sweet dreams and ice cold day....

I wake from dreams of running,
And playing games; of loving and of sunny days.

Then as I leave my bed...

With the first pain of aching bones.
I tell myself “you're an old man now...face it”
I limp to that horrid, reflecting glass
And look into it's cruel truth.
The face that stares defiantly back at me
As it has for almost 70 years.
I was once; cuddly, then handsome. Then distinguished.
Now lined and scarred and tired.
Still believing, or wishing my life would go on...
A little longer...or a lot longer.

60 years ago; everyone older looked ancient!
Yet still believing they would always be there.
And when I reached their age...they were gone
And one day so will I.
Who will miss me?
Keep me in your mind and I will never truly die.
As the faces in my past remain alive inside my mind. 

Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.

Re: Age Concern?

It's good Phill  I think  we need more poems like this to counteract the ageism in this country.I have enough songs in this ilk to make a double album.     

Re: Age Concern?

Phill that is a powerful poem. Many of those thoughts in there I have had at one time or another in recent years. Your words put it together perfectly.     

Re: Age Concern?

Thank you both, yes they are thought's that most if not all us old cronies get at some point, Peatle, and I've done a couple of songs in this ilk myself Graham mainly in the theme of remembering past I'm a romantic?... don't tell the wife!!!!lol

Creaking bones, failing eyesight, beer belly, all stuff that's developed since I retired, enough to do another poem or song?     

Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.