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so....have you ever been noodling and found a chord sequence and thought "that's original?" only to find you've used it many times before, if not you then every other guitarist in the world? i thought i had until i realised i'd used it in another key, well several other keys. do you make a well known chord sequence sound original? sequence being; Bm-G-A...ETC then i realised it sounded nice with a reggae beat or rhythm so i'm working on it, the story is a little off track at the moment. i may post it when i've finished it if it sounds good.

anyone else found themselves in this predicament?

ps, i know it's friday so i don't expect any replies any time soon. have a nice weekend and happy february 

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Re: Have you ever?

Happy cold old February to you too !
I have done what you described - thinking " I'm a genius"   only to discover there are 10 songs that already play that sequence.  However, wht I do like is to noodle around with them and then just change a few chords or change the strum and  come up with something of my own.  The great music analyzer Strummerboy Bill once told us in a post -" it's what we all do, steal a bit here and there, make a few changes, and call it our own ! smile   I sure miss Bill .

I'm working on learning California Dreamin' by the Mamas and Papas ---seems appropriate song right now as I look out my window at snow falling and 20 degrees showing on the thermometer.
Just remember every Feb day is one step closer to summertime!!  (at least in the Northern Hemisphere!)
Take care - and say Hello to Ann for me !

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Re: Have you ever?

It has happened to me many times when I think I have come up with original music and lyrics to find that someone else has done it before. Even though it is summer here in NZ today is cloudy and windy.     I suppose today when it is Sunday over there a big part of the Chordie American  population will  be watching the Super Bowl on TV?

Re: Have you ever?

Hi Jim, I miss Bill too...BIG TIME! I'm hoping he's well.

I saw someone on the infernal net made a comment about even modern pop songs using the old C-Am-F-G chord sequence, almost all songs from the 50's had this riff. and their still using it today, old habits die hard?

I don't actually understand the fahrenheit scale any more since we went all European, maybe they'll change it back now we've left. Graham and I both agree that it was a big mistake we'll all have to pay for.

Keep warm my friend     

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I've have to know what I'm doing enough to realize it first. Lol!     

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