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Topic: Don't Need Much.

Due to Covid 19 we are in a four week lockdown here in New Zealand. I dont mind been stuck at home in our bubble as I have my Maree. Easybeat sent me one of his songs on email before so I thought with all this time to spare I better have a go at writting a song also and this  is it here.. It has been a while between songs for me. Stay safe everyone.


Re: Don't Need Much.

Very interesting Peatle, double tracking acapella!!! A great love song and Maree must be happy that you loudly declared your love for her so publicly to a world wide audience, if you hear anything whistling...duck! Our women love to hear us declare our love for them, but not before the world, it embarrasses them...lol
I'm afraid this self isolation thing maybe affecting Ann more than me, like you I'm happy to sit watching the TV or making music in my studio. Ann is more outgoing. She misses her/our social evenings, meeting friends or just shopping.
Stay safe, stay well.     

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Re: Don't Need Much.

Cheers Phill  Maree and I are treating being home as been safe at home rather than stuck at home. Apart from missing having a few beers with locals and interesting talks while out its all good knowing it will pass. Maree is not a great fan of my musical attempts though she  loved the idea of me putting my love for her out there. The phone and internet have been a great asset. Maree likes differant TV to me so we watch differant things. Maree and I had our Flu vaccination  done yesterday it was like something out of  science fiction movie. Doctors and nurses other staff in protective gear. Markers to keep people going in and out  two meters apart. Going in and going out we had to sanitise our hands. My mother who is 99 is not enjoying been in lockdown in her village. No visitors allowed  apart from the cleaner who has to keep a two meter distance and also the delivery of  food and supplies  by village staff and security.           
Stay safe stay well.