Topic: Sweet Jane

Here  a song for  my  mates  wife  I  always  wanted  him to sing  this  when we  had the  band ,Sadly   we  lost Brian to cancer  last  year ,so  I'll  just  have  to  keep  doing  it . 

Re: Sweet Jane

Graham   That is a fabulous song.   I love the solo riff you play as well as the rocking lyrics! Your friend was lucky to have  a friend like you to write such a superb tribute for " Sweet Jane".  You certainly are a talented musician !

Keep them coming my friend - I am looking forward to these each day as I also do on Fridays with CG's Blues songs!

Thanks so much for doing this. 


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Re: Sweet Jane

Thanks Jim ,Lou  Reed  wrote  the   song Jim    I wish I  had  half  his  talent .