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As some of you know, I'm a board member of a local group called the "Foothill Folk Society". We are dedicated to promoting and preserving the music and arts of our Appalachian foothill area here in southern Ohio.  There are two annual projects we are involved in - collecting donations  at our performances for the local food bank and also raising money to help provide free instruments and lessons for local youth who could not otherwise afford it. Due to "social distancing"  during the COVID-19 outbreak, we have not been able to do any shows or provide donations to the food bank.  Recently the board members agreed to take $500 out of our budget and donate it to the food bank to help them in their mission.

To help announce the decision to our membership, Bryan Joseph, president of our group, put together a video (or rather pics of members playing at our events over the years) using a song I wrote several years ago as a theme song for one of our performances (a pretend radio show WFFS). The song has since been used to open other shows. As a song writer, I'm always thrilled when other musicians cover my songs. … ted_videos 

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Nice stuff !!

That's a great organization that does that - I wish I was  a part of it.

Best wishes and Congratulations to you on a terrific song !.

Stay healthy and play another day !


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That was a very nice presentation and also an excellent version of your song.     

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DE that is brilliant you started of my day good, I also love the way you support the community.