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Lots of music updates to report. 

Mrs Dude is finally pursuing her life long dream of learning classical guitar. Her instructor is a monster player and fantastic teacher with a PhD in guitar from University of North Texas, which has a very elite music program.

Got her a Cordoba C7 and she’s practicing a few hours a week.

My oldest is a trombonist but wants to be in JAZZ BAND as a bass player.  We borrowed an instrument for his first few months and he’s taking it seriously so we just got him a G and L Tribute series bass.

Finally my 5yo has been playing uke for a few months now and is taking it seriously so we got her a baby Taylor.

Whole family full of musician and my house has music in it several hours a day.  It’s a dream come true and I couldn’t be happier. And I’m super proud of my bride for learning something new. 

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That is fantastic. It sounds like your family is marvelous!
You are not only the BGD  but you are OLD!    ( One Lucky Dude!  )  smile

Congrats and best wished - stay healthy !


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Mr Dude excellent a family that plays together stays together.     

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Old. Lol.  Well played!

I think I’m still the baby on the forum here.  43 this year.     

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Peatle Jville wrote:

Mr Dude excellent a family that plays together stays together.

That’s the hope! The little one is just 7 months but I think we are going to have to make him a drummer to round out the band.     

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