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Topic: Shake the isolation blues

Thought i`d write a few songs/poems/thoughts about the times we are living through.
after all we are living through a bit of history and i think it`s good to record the fact.
this is a simple blues song i wrote,i haven`t recorded it as i dont really do blues
maybe one of you blues guys could do it credit?
Shake The Isolation Blues
28 days of nothing to do
28 days singing the blues
28 days baking bread
28 days i`m banging my head
only thing we can do
stay away from me
and i`ll stay away from you
28 days of watchin` TV
28 days not much to see
28 days since my barber shut
28 days i badly need a cut
the sun it rise
the sun it sets
get through this
you can bet
shake that isolation (2)
shake that isolation blues

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Re: Shake the isolation blues

I like it. Tells it like it is.
As a home bird I quite enjoyed the first week or so, now I'm going a little stircrazy     

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Re: Shake the isolation blues

EB that has got a good flow to it. I cant wait to hear you  do it  as a song it is made for the blues. The hermit in me has been loving this time at home living in a bubble but I don't want it to last forever. It also has been a good oportunity for me to look in on the good folks of chordie. I wonder what has happen to our other Kiwi representative Jandle I can't recall seen her on here when I look in?  Most probably I look in at the wrong times.