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Topic: The New Cool.

I put these words together after listening to my  neighbours young and old talking about kids going back to school this Monday after 7 weeks in lockdown. Sorry about the poor English on this one it is done in a local speak sort of way. I tried to do at a song with my guitar, it didn't work as my voice  and playing weren't up to it.

The New Cool
Things have changed a lot over the last few weeks.
Since that nasty little sneaky Covid thing came around.
Kept us all locked in.
Now the kids are thinking its cool to get back to school.
And their parents are thinking wow.
Its cool to have a job.
Because we got a new cool.
We got a new cool.
Yeah going to school is cool.
Having a job is cool.
People are starting to notice things like nature.
Yeah that’s cool.
We got a new cool.
We got a new cool.
We got a new cool.
We got a new cool.
Even going to school.
Yeah all they being looking for is getting on a train.
Or stop being a pain to the parents at the connect.
Times when they just wanting to get out and misbehave.
But  no they always  didn’t really think about things.
Until when we got hit by something bigger then us.
You know people thought they had control.
Well I tell yah it’s far bigger then us.
We got a new cool.
We got a new cool.
We got a new cool.
We got a new cool.
Even going to school.
Now things have a way changing when you least expect it.
We  got a new cool.
Yeah we have a new cool.

Re: The New Cool.

Nice one Peatle. The old saying "too cool for school" isn't used much anymore, maybe in a couple of months? Bojo (Boris Johnson) says English kids can go back to school in July. The Welsh senedd is far more cautious and said not until September which makes our Welsh and Scottish politicians more in tune with what's going on. They've even stopped English day trippers crossing the boarder!
And we're back in the room....you have a wonderful way of taking everyday conversation and making great literature and songs from it. Iechyd dda. Kia ora. Stay safe

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Re: The New Cool.

I loved the poem - quite an accurate glimpse of life today.
I can tell you, as a teacher - "online teaching"  isn't teaching - it is just delivering information.
I need to be with the kids - the social interaction is an immense part of the learning process.

as Phill had ina song we did together - " take me back to the good ol' days"  !

Nicely done Peatle !


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Re: The New Cool.

Cheers Phill, good on Wales for keeping its borders closed.  Also good on Wales for having a sensible safe way of doing things with your kids.  All the different factions in our Government put most of their mud slinging on hold and are working together to get us through this lockdown. We here in New Zealand are fortunate that our population of five million have mostly taken the virus seriously. Here in NZ for the last week most days have  had zero new cases picked up through testing. We have been told that we have one of the highest testing numbers  in the world. Though things are starting to open up again it is all been done with caution and with strict contact tracing requirements in place. Social distancing and good hand sanitation the new normal. The country is moving forward with caution as we don’t want to be hit by a second wave of infection. Like everywhere else in the  world our economy has been hit hard but hopefully we are going to be in a good position to rebuild again.
Iechyd dda. Kia ora. Stay safe

Jim, teachers and the kids here have noticed that it  is much harder doing everything online because of the lack of social interaction. The one upside is nearly every kid in NZ now owns a laptop due to government giving them out to all the kids that didn’t have one.  The down side it has exposed kids to the bad  stuff on the internet where the parents haven’t installed the necessary safeguards..

All the best to you and your family plus your students.