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Topic: Another pup mod.

I loved how the P90s made my Tele rock, so even tho I love the tone and sound of the stock Dean pups in this killer Boca, I grabbed a pair of GFS Mean 90’s, they were in my mailbox Monday the 6th,  and called my shop. “Yes we are re-opened, we now have a 2 week backlog “. IDC IM ON MY WAY big_smile !

Tommy’s is a great shop. Tommy himself did the Mod on my Tele during lockdown.  I am very happy he was able to survive and keep his employees. 

ON the not so good note, My other shop which is a larger family owned business with 3 nice shops (Kennelly Keys) may not be reopening the shop nearest me.  This is sad as a lot of good guys work there and I’m gonna lose my hang out!

No longer can I say “I’m like Norm from Cheers” because my "Cheers" won't be there.

I hope this is just a rumor.




“Find your own sound.  Dont be a second rateYngwie Malmsteen be a first rate you”

– George Lynch 2013 (Dokken, Lynchmob, KXM, Tooth & Nail etc....)

Re: Another pup mod.


GFS Dream 90's have proven to be some of the most popular pickups in the world since their introduction in 2004.
A  "Vintage Correct" TRUE P90 in a humbucker form factor.  After nearly 1 year of handmade prototypes, design changes and careful recalibration- we've come up with a pickup that we proudly call the Mean 90. How do they differ from the Dreams? We've gone to a different Magnet structure, different coil size, added an expensive German Silver baseplate, and completely revamped to output level. We slightly "age" Alnico V magnets, and wrap the coils with Formvar 42 gauge wire. The result is a pickup that is FAR more aggressive in the lower mids, yet still has a crisp and clear high end. Think of the Mean 90's as a 4-10 Tweed Bassman
 The Means are smoother- warmer, fuller and a tad louder. If you like Vintage Tones and really want to FEEL your pick attack on the strings- I think the Mean 90 may be the best pickup currently available.  Neck Position - 7.8K   Bridge Position - 8.6K     

“Find your own sound.  Dont be a second rateYngwie Malmsteen be a first rate you”

– George Lynch 2013 (Dokken, Lynchmob, KXM, Tooth & Nail etc....)