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Really sad news guys, Peter Green founder member of Fleetwood Mac has passed away last weekend. Recognised as one of the worlds guitar legends, blues man and writer of some of the most iconic songs of the 60s, and of course Albatross one of the most covered instrumentals of our time.
Another name on the guitarists wall of fame that are no longer with us. RIP 

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Sad news Peter passing away. Maree and I use to see him around the area we use to live in Richmond, London while living in the UK.. Our good friend Chris Patton use to play bass with him in a recording studio along with some of the guys who were in Thin Lizzy. Sadly at the time Peter was experiencing extreme mental health issues and the recording never got released. Maree and I got the privilege to hear some of the sessions while visiting Chris and they were real good. I thought Pete wrote some of Fleetwood Mac best songs and  I always like the Santana cover of his song Black Magic Woman.

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Wow   This is sadnews - but an entire education for me.  I always thought John McVey (+ wife)  and Mick Fleetwood were the founders of the band and Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined them.  I guess I missed the whole first part !!

Peatle - that is phenomenally cool that you had those personal experiences!
I read Peter's bio this am - quite interesting.  Lots of peaks and valleys.

Thanks Phill for the info, albeit, sad sad


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