Topic: My life.

The past five years or so I have been scarcely present.

I got a call about five years ago from a government official who had determined that my father (a bit weird of an individual) was no longer capable of seeing after himself. I'm still not convinced that the government official was right, but it was time for me to step in.

Dad survived another three years under my care, and then I had two more years of administration of nonsenses. When he passed, Dad was 86 years old. That's not a bad longevity. He was as comfortable as I could make him in the final years.

Just recently I have sold off the last of his assets. I'm relying on the attorney to resolve things.

Five years not my own. That's 10% of my life - more or less. On the other hand, Dad spent a lot more raising me. So I figure we're square as I wasn't that hard to raise and the government made taking care of him very, very hard.

This past Christmas, my wife bought a book for me to record songs in. Here's hoping I have the mental bandwidth to start writing again. It's been almost ten years since I wrote a song. And then I was stoned on Percocet and couldn't read what I had written and was far too stoned to remember what it might have been. 

Granted B chord amnesty by King of the Mutants (Long live the king).
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