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Topic: Music Virus

Chatting with a street busker I came up with this poem as a result of our conversation. It is not just about talking to him but me picking out bits of what we talked about and the universal emotions that come from being a muso.

Music Virus

He said to me  he has the music virus.

There no such virus said I.

My eyes  starting rolling looking at this guy.

He said that isn’t true.

I said tell me your point of view.

Did you catch it from a hen.

What are the symptoms my friend.

Are you going around the bend.

Is it something you can mend.

It started with a guitar.

He said left one morning on my bed.

From my  dear mama.

I loved that guitar.

Now I’m a mix of confidence and self doubt.

One minute bullet proof and full of self belief.

Next second  I’m filled with trembling insecurity.

An awful  feeling like  my music has no teeth.

I can't get any help.

I can't get any relief.

I'm just a busker on the street.

My life's like a record stuck on repeat.

Re: Music Virus

a mix of confidence and self doubt..love that line soooooo true     

The King Of Audio Torture

Re: Music Virus

easybeat wrote:

a mix of confidence and self doubt..love that line soooooo true

Cheers EB
I was going to add another line in there about music live  performance confidence for some people but thought it might drag  the  poem out too long. Also it didn't really fit I had this in mind.
Inside my rib cage.
My hearts doing a mad drum solo.
Pounding away loud.
Pounding away at a thousand miles an hour.